Basel III Compliance

The Basel committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) determined early on that the G-SIBs needed to make significant progress.

Among the difficulties the G-SIBs are facing are strong risk data aggregation governance and risk reporting, which are integral in the early stages of the implementation of the standards.

Both banking and financial institutions continue to struggle with these risks due to inappropriate management information systems (MIS). Although the Basel Committee has recognized that banks are making efforts in mitigating these risks, they still feel more needs to be done.

Many in the banking and financial industries recognize the benefits of improving their risk data aggregation governance and reporting capabilities, but they also acknowledge making the necessary changes remains a challenges. While there is no single tool or solution that can solve every challenge that stringent regulatory requirements have brought, and will bring in the future, a design and code-generation platform that introduces efficiency, visibility and governance principles while reducing the opportunity for human error is surely a great place to start. AnalytiX DS Mapping Manager has enabled organizations worldwide to meet challenges, bring wide-spread collaboration and put structure and governance in place, regardless of the size of their architecture, data or use base.

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