Merger and Acquisition Integration

Migration Processes in a Standardized Way

The Mergers and Acquisitions process brings with it a broad range of complexity. More of then than not, companies embroiled in M&A activities do not even consider the data integration aspect of the merger until they are well into the process, not realizing that this activity can extend timelines, limit visibility with regard to financials, supply chain, and other key components of the combined businesses.

All too often, those managing the acquisitions are left to deal with integration of the acquired company’s data, tools and integration practices with little or no expertise in this area.

This paper seeks to provide insight into how AnalytiX DS EPICENTER can be a key accelerator as part of a systematic approach to the M&A data migration process.

In this paper Mergers and Acquisitions: Best Practices in Orchestrating and Accelerating Data Migration Processes in a Standardized Way, you’ll see:

  • How some of the features and functionality offered by our EPICENTER Platform, which have specific capabilities that are high value in this scenario.
  • How organizations involved in data- migrations, data conversion and data integration can leverage our EPICENTER Platform to standardize the data migration process, eliminate the error prone and costly manual processes.
Tags : Merger and Acquisition Integration M&A Data Migration Processes Business Acquisition Process M&A Strategy
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